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Published: Dec 02 , 2019
Author: Randy Kutz

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” That old proverb is something my grandpa used to declare upon finding something discarded by another that he saw as redeemable. My grandpa was a tinkerer. He could fix anything (or salvage some obscure part and use it to fix something else). He actually made my brothers and me a go-kart out of a lawn mower engine and random parts from his garage filled with “treasures” he picked up along the way.


Published: Nov 04 , 2019
Author: Randy Kutz

New York City real estate has always been a land of extremes. Recently, a penthouse apartment with five floors listed for $98M, currently the highest priced residential condo for sale in the city. The Big Apple also holds the record for the highest priced sold home in the country, which closed earlier this year at $238M, more than two times the previous record (also, not surprisingly, in NYC). The city also holds the record for the most expensive eviction ever, at $17M — and the story behind it is amazing.

2019_06_24 Too Much of Godo Thing.jpg

Published: Jun 24 , 2019
Author: Randy Kutz

I live in the Sonoran Desert of Phoenix, Arizona. I love the desert. Contrary to the perception of many, it is very much alive. And the life you encounter here is not merely surviving, but thriving, having adapted to its hostile environment of heat and drought. One such manifestation of this life is the saguaro (sa-war-o) cactus. You know, that tall, prickly, tree-like structure with upstretched arms that typically shows up in Western movies, Southwest home decor, and in my case, our yard?

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What a Difference a Year Makes

The year that changed us forever had a devastating impact on so many people and businesses. While the depth of that devastation is almost unfathomable, even in our darkest imaginings, rays of light came shining through. Being an optimist at heart, I can’t help but think about the silver linings that appeared, which I hope have changed us for the better and for good. Those silver linings have had a profound impact not only on our personal lives, but also at the negotiating table.

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