Scotwork's consultants are true negotiation experts, not just trainers. If you need discreet, professional advice on a critical deal, refinement of strategy, rehearsal for that big meeting or advice on improving your organization’s “deal systems,” they can help. Scotwork's team of negotiation experts can assess the competence of your team and identify strengths and gaps. They can help you refine and improve the way deals are delegated, approved and reported on, and even join you at the table as part of your team.


How effectively does your organization negotiate? Is your team below, on par with or above your industry benchmark? What is your team really good at, and where do they fall short? Our diagnostics service tells you how capable your team is, and where and how to maximize their negotiation performance.

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Find out if your people have what it takes to be strong and successful negotiators. Our 75-question Negotiation Capability Survey collects detailed negotiation-related data from across your business. The results inform a detailed diagnostic report that tells you: 

  • How effectively your people negotiate
  • Common issues that need resolving
  • Gaps in competency or training
  • Priorities for skills development
  • Potential return from investment in negotiation skills
  • How your business benchmarks against others

How does your team compare?

Ever wondered how your team's negotiation capabilities size-up to the competition? Our Negotiation Capability Survey has been completed by a wide range of stakeholders in all kinds of businesses. This allows your results to be bench-marked against similar organizations that share your sector, size and geographical characteristics. Compare your team's scores with the industry average and the best performers. See where your team outstrips your rivals and where they need to catch up. Most critically, understand the skills development and strategies your team needs to become more competitive players.

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Some negotiations challenge even the best of your deal-makers. Our senior consultants are on standby to help you negotiate successfully. We become part of your team. We coach your negotiators one-to-one, rehearse scenarios, prepare proposals and guide you from beginning to end.

Get the winning edge

Whether you are negotiating a major contract, agreeing a global trade deal or entering into union-management dialogue, Scotwork gives your people competitive advantage. Our senior consultants apply deep commercial know-how and negotiation expertise to help you craft, practice and fine-tune your deal making. They coach your negotiators, move hearts and minds, and transform your negotiation capability so your business-critical deal becomes a great deal for you.

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Does your team regularly face similar, repeatable deals? Do they need to enhance their ability to manage common commercial challenges? Scotwork can work with you and your team to develop and refine best practice planning, refine your team’s objection handling techniques, learn to craft compelling questions and help your team build strong consistent messaging.

Engage Like a Pro

When it comes to commercial challenges, we’ve seen it all. Commoditization, year-end and end-of-quarter price pressure, procurement tactics, threats, price increases, exchange rate fluctuations and more. Working with your most experienced team, we merge our expertise on negotiation process with your team’s technical knowledge to craft preparation documents that allow you to share best practice across the entire team. We can then train your team on these specific “plays” so they can engage confidently and consistently under even greater pressure.

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