“Scotwork” means Scotwork NA, Inc. carrying on business at 400 Lanidex Plaza, Parsippany, NJ 07054.
“Client” means any individual or organization employing or representing a Participant, or expressing an interest, in any course provided by Scotwork.
“Participant” means an individual who participates or is intended to participate in any course provided by Scotwork.

1. All places are offered on Scotwork Open Negotiation Skills Courses solely on these Terms and Conditions of Business and these Terms and Conditions supersede any terms and conditions referred to or relied on by the Client at any time. Scotwork will accept no other terms and conditions unless agreed in writing in advance of the booking being made.

2. Our courses regularly fill up and Scotwork cannot guarantee the availability of places on any course. Scotwork will provide you with a registration form to complete and we will reserve a seat for you until the due date on the form. Seats are reserved on a first-come first- serve basis and are confirmed upon receipt of payment. Payments are non-refundable. Any seats not confirmed before the due date may be offered to other Clients.

3. Where a reservation is made by a third party, on behalf of a Client, the name, address and other relevant details of the Client required by Scotwork must be disclosed to Scotwork at the time the reservation is made.

4. All invoices will be submitted as soon as the booking is confirmed. Payment is due to Scotwork upon receipt or participation on the course may be refused. In such circumstances the Client will remain liable for the course fee.

5. POSTPONEMENT. Client acknowledges that our courses regularly fill well ahead of the course dates, and that once a place is confirmed, Scotwork turns other people away from that place. Notice of postponement must be made in writing at least four weeks from the start of the class. Within four weeks of the start of any class, the full course fee will be charged although a substitute participant will be accepted at any time up to the start of the class, and this is always preferred. If a substitute cannot be found client may select another date depending on availability and must attend within six months of the original date. One only postponement per participant is allowed, after which the place will be forfeited. Additional fees may apply based on prevailing rates at location selected otherwise course fee is forfeited. Participants who leave the course part way through (even for reasons of ill health) will not receive any refund.

6. Only three Participants are allowed per organization on each course. Candidates for the ANS2 and Coaching Negotiation courses must have previously completed the ANS1 course.

7. Scotwork reserves the right to vary the tutors teaching each course without notice.

8. Scotwork reserves the right to refuse training to any Participant or Client at any time.

9. Scotwork reserves the right to ask any Participant who is proving to be a disruptive influence on the course to leave the course. No refund of course fees will be made to the Client in these circumstances.

10. ACCOMMODATIONS/TRAVEL. Participants will be responsible for making their own hotel and travel accommodations. Usually, Scotwork will have negotiated rates with the host hotel or area hotels and will list these rates in the joining instructions you receive four weeks prior to the course. Please make note of the due date to book your hotel reservations as Scotwork cannot be responsible for an increased rate or room availability after the due date.

11. Participants may retain course materials which they have been expressly informed by the course Tutors that they may keep. They shall return to Scotwork all other course materials of whatever nature.

12. No Participant or Client shall (and each Client shall procure that its Participants shall not) at any time use any information or materials belonging to Scotwork, including without prejudice to the foregoing generality any intellectual property rights, know-how or course materials, in any way that may prejudice Scotwork.

13. Scotwork accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage of whatever nature incurred by the Participant or the Client in connection with a course provided by Scotwork.
Last updated: 3.2.17


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